The movie, At the Heart of Peace, was launched in celebration
of the 26th
International Day of Peace with the intention of gathering
kindred hearts around the world, united in prayers for a peaceful planet.

The response was astounding.

Emails poured in from all over the globe,
 and people from all faiths, cultures and traditions joined our
Quest for Peace.

The Quest for Peace has gathered individuals from the United Kingdom, Spain, Iraq, Russia, the United States, Australia, India, Canada, Israel, Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Japan, Brazil, the Philippines, Iran, France, Taiwan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Italy, China, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, and more!

Please, help us gather the world
 in peaceful communion and send a Wave of Love around the planet!

This is how you can help: Send the movie you just witnessed, entitled At the Heart of Peace, to everyone you know and love, along with this invitation to join the Quest for Peace.
Send it around the globe!

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When you join the Quest for Peace you will receive, periodically, brief and beautiful interfaith emails from me designed to help you find the peace that abides within you, to rest in it, and to reflect this peace in your home, your place of work, your community, and the world. view sample message

Join your heart, your hope, and your prayers with millions of people
 around the globe!

Join the Quest for Peace

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We can move fear from our hearts to find the peace that has always been there.

All we need to do is Ask.

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 With Blessings of Hope and Joy,

Melanie Calitri Holden |

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